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From 2010 to 2019, median home values rose by $68,000

while the median income increased by only $13,400.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau ACS 1-Year Estimates

In Cheyenne...

Resources to learn more:

State of the Nation's Housing

An annual report from the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies with comprehensive local and national data on cost burdens, homelessness and racial disparities in housing.

Laramie County Housing Report 2018

A 2018 report created by the Wyoming Business Council, useful for understanding the affordable housing shortage in Laramie County.

WCDA Wyoming Demographics Info

An online tool from the Wyoming Community Development Authority for investigating current and past population, housing and economic figures for counties across Wyoming.

Local Housing Solutions Policy Map

An interactive map from the Local Housing Solutions policy platform that allows users to generate housing needs assessments for cities, counties and states across the U.S.


1 in 9 households spend more than half of their income on housing.

Source: Habitat for Humanity, 2020 State of Home Affordability in Wyoming Report

In Wyoming...

Resources to learn more:

Cost of Home Wyoming Factsheet

A factsheet prepared by Habitat for Humanity International that provides a high-level overview on housing cost burdens in Wyoming as well as information on Habitat's Cost of Home advocacy campaign.

Marbut Homeless Needs Assessment

A 2019 study commissioned by the State of Wyoming.  The report outlines statewide and local needs as well as action steps for addressing the root causes of homelessness and improving conditions for our homeless population.

NLIHC Wyoming Gap Report

A National Low Income Housing Coalition report measuring the availability of housing at different income levels in Wyoming as well as the cost burdens plaguing low income households.

NLIHC Wyoming Out of Reach Report

Another report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition comparing the cost of rent to wages in Wyoming.

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